TopicBest Way to Protect your computer

  • Tue 3rd Dec 2019 - 11:02am

    Trend Micro prevents your computer from getting infected and affected by threats. It also has the parental control feature, and provides protection in a real-time basis. It provides constant details about the viruses and malware, conducts scans, and configures regulatory reporting and event notifications. To download, install, and activate Trend Micro, you need to type the activation code at


    Get the Trend Micro software on your computer by going to the nearby retail store, or you can also get it from its official site. Ensure that the product key is copied for the activation process. Here are the steps mentioned below to download the Trend Micro software on your system:

    1. First, press on the Trend Micro website
    2. Make a new Trend Micro account.
    3. Already have a Trend Micro account? Log in to the Trend Micro account.
    4. You will receive the Trend Micro menu list on its official page.
    5. Select any Trend Micro products that you want to get.
    6. Then, click on the Download Trend Micro section.

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